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State Gears Up Enforcement 

Bhubaneswar : Bishnupada Sethi, Principal Secretary Commerce  and Transport has reviewed road accidents occurred in the State. Accordingly the Department of Commerce and Transport has asked authorities to gear up enforcement initiatives.

In order to check road mishaps, the State Transport Authority (STA) on Tuesday launched a two-month enforcement drive across the State.

A month-wise analysis of road accident statistics has revealed that winter times, especially November to February account for nearly 30 percent of road accidents. This is because of low visibility caused by fog and smog during these months.

Moreover, there is an increase in vehicle frequency on the road due to travelling by various road users to picnic spots and tourist destinations for holiday season in the State including Christmas and the New Year eve.

The data also suggests that drunken driving and over-speeding also increase during this period which leads to accidents and fatalities.

Keeping these factors in mind, starting today, the STA has launched the special enforcement drive to promote safety, reduce accidents and fatalities throughout the State.

Lalmohan Sethi, Additional Commissioner Transport (Enforcement & Road Safety) said, “The main aim of this drive is to create a sense of responsibility among the road users for prevention of road accidents and fatalities in the winter season. It has been observed that more accidents and fatalities occurred during the month of November to February.”

He said that the drive will be extensively carried out through the state with special focus on National Highway & State Highway.

“Due to continuous enforcement activities people are following rules in the urban areas but are unfortunately not abiding by rules in rural areas and national highways where protection is much more needed. As per the data available more accidents and fatalities are noticed in the rural areas compared to urban areas and most of the accidents occurred on the National Highways,” he said.

Mr.Sethi appealed to the road users to follow the traffic rules and take care of their safety while driving.

“Road Safety is a shared responsibility. I appeal to the public to adhere to traffic rules and help in reducing road accidents and fatalities related to it,” said the officer.

The transport authorities will take stern action against those found flouting Motor Vehicle rules. Enforcement Drives will focus on driving without helmet and seat belt, drunken driving, over speeding, use of mobile while driving, driving by juveniles, checking of road worthiness of the vehicle, wrong side driving, driving without registration mark and dangerous parking.

Special enforcement drives will be conducted jointly with Police near accident prone zones and major junctions of NHs & State Highways.