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SOS Village Launches 24X7 Ambulance

Bhubaneswar: SOS Children’s Villages of India, the country’s largest childcare NGO dedicated to the welfare of the children who have lost or at the risk of losing parental care, has launched a free 24×7 ambulance service in the city, exclusively for Covid patients who require emergency admission in hospitals.

The ambulance service has come as a boon for the Covid patients in the city and elsewhere in the Khordha district. The availability of a fully-equipped ambulance in the city is also a big support to the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, which finds it a challenge to shift Covid patients who develop severe complications to hospitals on time, as the caseload continues to increase in the city. Contact numbers are: 9938354306/ 9937287160.

Commenting about the launch of the free ambulance service,  Sumanta Kar, Secretary General, SOS Children’s Villages of India, said, “Across the country, the healthcare sector is facing huge challenges in dealing with the second wave of the pandemic. The sudden rise of Covid cases is overwhelming the healthcare infrastructure. The situation in Bhubaneswar is no different. We are running the free ambulance service in the city to support the outstanding efforts being taken by the State Government and the municipal corporation in containing the pandemic and saving lives of the Covid patients, particularly for women and children from the families of lower strata of the society.”

The ambulance service was recently launched in the presence of the children of SOS Children’s Villages of India, Bhubaneswar to strengthen their sense of empathy and belongingness towards society.