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SOP For Picnic Rides

Bhubaneswar: A day after a report of accidents of two picnic going vehicles in Ganjam district, the State Government today issued an Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the vehicles going to various picnic spots of the State.    

From the month of November to February, winter season and picnic activities contribute to an increase in the road accidents and fatalities. Therefore, in the upcoming months, Odisha aims to achieve a significant reduction in the road accident-related casualties through rigorous enforcement measures especially at the picnic spots and pilgrim places, officials said.

It is crucial for both drivers and pedestrians to be mindful of their surroundings, adhere to safety guidelines and exercise caution to prevent accidents in these popular recreational areas, the official said.

As per the SOP, the vehicle owners must have to obtain a special permit from the concerned RTO before engaging their vehicles for such trips. The vehicles of which the Fitness Certificate is in-force shall only be permitted by concerned authority.

At major picnic spots, posters will be displayed indicating testimonials from accident victims/family members with accidents photos. The contents of the poster will be provided by the Transport Commissioner and shared with the district, it said

The State Pollution Control Board has started a campaign of Plastic Free Picnic Spot in the State. The Transport Department will collaborate with the Pollution Board and distribute leaflets, pamphlets with road safety messages and testimonials/ appeals of road accident victims’ families at the picnic spots.

Police personnel will conduct thorough inspection of vehicles near the picnic spots/ pilgrim places to identify and prevent the transportation of hazardous or dangerous or objectionable materials like: cooking gas, Kerosene oil, crackers etc.

In a collaborative effort between RTOs and Police personnel, stringent enforcement will be conducted to address the issue of overloading of passengers and ensure safe transport.

Similarly, enforcement against drunken driving will be conducted with full strength. Police in association with staff of RTO use breathalyzers at the entry and exit points of important picnic spots and pilgrim places, the SOP says.

The person found driving under influence of alcohol shall be punishable u/s 185 of MV Act. The driver will be immediately arrested and their driving license shall be impounded. In case of driving without a driving license, the vehicle will be detained and the owner shall arrange an alternative driver for continuation of the trip.

RTOs asked to develop and implement emergency response plans in collaboration with local authorities to address the road accidents or emergencies occurring in transit or at picnic spots.

Odisha had reported 5,467 road fatalities in 11,663 road accidents in 2022 as against 5,081 deaths in 10,983 accidents in the year 2021.