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Smart Classes In Central Varsity

Koraput: The Central University of Odisha transformed the traditional and conventional classrooms to state-of-the-art smart classrooms.

This was done by installing digital Interactive Displays, Visual Presenters, electronic lectern, etc. in a classroom of each 14 departments.

“This initiative taken by the CUO will greatly improve the quality of teaching & learning in the University & put forth a modern pedagogy for the holistic educational experience. Teachers & Students can utilise their limited span of time to make the students understand and learn every single concept in immersive & engaging ways” said Prof. I. Ramabrahmam, Vice-Chancellor.

He pointed out that the key focus of this turn-key and user-friendly solution is to equip the teachers with advanced technological resources to enhance the essential skill sets which were the mandatory requirements demanded in the 21st century – communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. We truly believe that growing and mastering these skill sets are much needed for a 360-degree development of students to grow in this global competitive platform.

To make the teachers acquainted and well-versed to run the smart classrooms, two days special training session were conducted with the technical people on 16-17 December 2020 following the Covid19 protocols. Both online and face to face classes are now possible in campus to provide quality education to the students.

Facilities include a solution with sleek & smart outlay, adds extra appeal in presentation surrounding.

It is a contemporary and comprehensive solution with a blend of traditional & modern pedagogical applications to create an immersive & comfortable learning environment.  

Interactive Displays transforms the normal interaction environment to a notch higher in terms of collaboration & productivity.

The Interactive Display has inbuilt interactive software offering multiple features to live annotate, write, edit, save, erase, highlight, colour, shape, print, email, record, choose brushesetc.to make classes more effective & collaborative?

The teacher can convey information and multimedia content like presentations, PDF, documents, videos, and images while conducting classes.

Electronic Lecterns work as a single presentation device for seamless lecture delivery that makes two-way interaction between the presenter and audience even more efficacious.

Electronic Lecterns streamlines communication, collaboration & productivity by integrating constructive tools into single presentation platform.

The Visual Presenter helps a great deal in displaying a document or object on the screen to a large audience.