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RIE Hosts NEP Program

Bhubaneswar: In line with the vision outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, a comprehensive Capacity Building Program on Inclusive Education has been inaugurated on 18 January.The five day programme will be concluded on The event has been hosted at the Regional Institute  of Education, NCERT, Bhubaneswar.

The inauguration ceremony, on 18 January, 2024, was inaugurated by the Principal Prof. P. C. Agarwal. He emphasized the commitment of educational institutions to drive for positive change.

His address provided valuable insights into the significance of inclusive education in the evolving educational landscape .The event also featured sharing of views by the Head of Department of Extension Education Prof. Ritanjali .Dash, Dean of Instructions Prof. M. Goswami provided her thoughts about importance of contextualisation in inclusive education.

Prof. I. P. Gowramma, serving as the Program Coordinator with an extensive background in educational development, ensured the effective delivery of content and engage participants in enriching discussions and workshops. Co-coordinator of the Capacity Building Program.

Dr. E.Gangmai, expressed gratitude to the participants and highlighted aim and objective of the programme. She aspired to the collaborative spirit and dedication of all involved in making this initiative a reality.

The Capacity Building Programme aims to equip Key Resource Persons (KRPs) from Bihar with the knowledge and skills necessary for fostering inclusive education practices. Through a series of workshops, discussions, and hands-on activities, participants will engage in a holistic learning experience, contributing to the advancement of inclusive education strategies in the region.

This event serves as a testament to the commitment of educators and policymakers towards realizing the goals set forth in NEP 2020, fostering an inclusive and equitable education system for all.