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Revenue Rises By 15.55%

Bhubaneswar: State’s own revenue collection from both tax and non-tax revenue has been increased by 15.55 percent till August of the current fiscal year 2022-23.

Both the own tax and non-tax revenue have registered a good growth and almost equally contributed to the total collection during April to August of 2022-23.

According to official data, the total revenue collection was Rs 36,454.89 crore during the period while the State had collected Rs 31,548.49 crore during the same period of previous financial year.

The State Government has collected Rs 17,722.22 crore from its own tax sources while the collection from non-tax stood at Rs 18732.67 crore till August.

The own tax revenue collection has witnessed a growth of 20.30 per cent.

Out of the total own tax collection, the State has collected Rs 11799 crore commercial tax, Rs 2454.57 crore from excise, Rs 1476.06 crore electricity duty, Rs 790.22 crore MV tax, Rs 244.23 crore from land revenue, Rs 834.78 crore of stamps and registration fee, and Rs 123.34 crore professional taxes.

Similarly, the non-tax revenue collection till August of the current financial year registered a growth of 11.39 per cent.   

Under the non-tax revenue, mining royalty has contributed the lion share. The collection from non-ferrous mining & metallurgical industries was Rs 16,761.14 crore till August 2022, against the collection of Rs 15,878.64 crore during the same period of last year.

The mining revenue has witnessed a marginal growth of 5.56 per cent till last month of this year. The mining royalty collection during the month of August was Rs 2780.55 crore.

Till August, Odisha has been able to collect 38.58 per cent of the total mining revenue of Rs 43,444 crore estimated for the entire financial year 2022-23.

However, the Grants from Centre has been falling down as the Government of India squeezed its fund flow under various schemes and heads, officials said.  

The Grants from Centre fell down by 50 per cent till August of the current financial year as only Rs 401.24 crore released by the Centre during the last month.
The State Government has got only Rs 3499.38 crore Grants from the Centre till August 2022 against the receipt of Rs 7004.62 crore during the same of 2021-22 and Rs 11732.58 during April to August of 2020-21.

It means, the Grant fell down by 40.30 per cent till August 2021 and 50.04 per cent till August of this year.

However, the total Central transfer has witnessed a positive growth of 7.56 per cent as the share tax amount has increased substantially by 49.47 per cent till August.

The State has received Rs 14388.78 share tax from the Union Government till August 2022 against the receipt of Rs 9,626.84 crore during the same period of previous financial year. So, the total transfer from Centre stood at Rs 17,888.16 crore till last month.