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Proper Time Management Soothes Anxiety

Bhubaneswar: The inability to utilize time in proper and disciplined manner is the root of all anxiety, Shantmanu, Director General of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), has said.

“There is a need to understand what mind is and the deepest recesses of mind. You cannot fight your mind nor can you be guided by it. But you have to understand it and relate to it as a friend to utilize for everyone’s benefit,” Mr. Shantmanu said while delivering the 17th SOA Fortnightly Academic Lecture on Saturday on the theme ‘Mind Matters Most’.

Explaining the need for prioritizing matters of greatest importance, he said while serving as a District Collector in Jammu he had followed a 4D formula to separate the tasks at hand into four different categories.

“I put all urgent tasks of greatest importance into the first category and personally took them up immediately while handing over matters of urgent nature (but not important) to my sincere and able colleagues. Tasks which were important but not urgent were put on the back burner and matters unimportant and not urgent were just ignored,” he said while speaking virtually from the NIFT campus in Delhi.

This would enable a person to discharge responsibility without any stress, he said.

Prof. Nachieketa K. Sharma, SOA’s Director, University Outreach Program conducted the event. Mr. Shantmanu also answered several questions of the participating students.