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Prison Modernization On 5T Mode

Bhubaneswar: While the State Government has approved Action Plan 2021-2022 for modernization of the Prisons as per 5T Charter, Directorate of Prisons and Correctional Services has decided to implement it in a time bound manner.

Santosh Upadhyaya, DG Prisons and Correctional Services has held a meeting in the Directorate here on 16 July along with senior officials.

Earlier as mandated under strategic renovation and implementation of technology; Prisons Organization had submitted comprehensive proposal incorporating 5T mandates for consideration and approval by Government, which has received Green Signal.

Under State Sector Scheme of program expenditure , state government  had earlier approved capacity building of various jails  to take care of over-congestion of prisons 2209 extra capacity being created in 2021-22.

As per approved Action Plan deep search metal detectors will be procured for all Circle Jails, District Jails and few sensitive jails in the first phase. This will help in detection of concealed mobile phones, chargers, SIM cards etc.

As per recommendation of DG & IG Conference, Pilot project has been approved by Government for procurement and use of 20 body worn camera (Choudwar and Bhubaneswar) for first time.

In subsequent phases it can be expanded to other jails after assessment of utility. Body worn Cameras would be extremely helpful to keep secret watch on the activities of hard-core criminals and suspects inside the prisons.

Towards corrective measures for prisoners, Government have sanctioned Oil processing units for 22 jails with a view to generating revenue for convicts as well as providing unadulterated edible oil to public at outside sale counters of jails.

Towards modernization of farming of various district jails, Government have approved procurement of power tillers for 15 Prisons.

Looking at the public appreciation of food processing units of Bhubaneswar Jail, proposal for setting up food processing units in 30 district headquarter jails has been approved.

Towards healthcare of sick prisoners as well as for supply of large scale cooked food for prisoners, multipurpose e-rickshaws are being procured for 40 jails.

For maintenance of hygiene inside jails, bush cutters are being procured for various jails.

Considering overpopulation of jails and noticeable climatic changes in recent years; proposal was submitted to Government for provisioning of Sun Stroke wards within existing hospitals/wards.  

State Government has approved installation of Air Conditioners in these Sun-Stroke wards towards healthcare of prisoners during extreme summer as well as during treatment of seriously ailing patients. ECG machines are being procured for few jails additionally.

Besides the above, new hospitals are going to be constructed at following jails (Bhubaneswar- 20 bedded; Padmapur, Jagatsinghpur, Sorada and G.Udayagiri- 10 bedded each) in 2021-22.

Age-old and dysfunctional CCTV network system will be upgraded /replaced in selected jails on security and need basis.

Organic compost machines had been provided to important jails in 2020-2021. Additionally Government have approved use of scrubbers , dry cleaning machines, floor cleaning machines towards maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness of jail wards.

Towards technological up-gradation and in-house communication, intercom facilities for 24 jails will be installed as per approved action plan and provisions have been made for up-gradation of Video Conferencing facilities in 13 jails, officials say.