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Pride Of Puri Ignited

District Administration of Puri led by Balwant Singh, District Collector launches the Mo Dham Mo Pride campaign that aims at igniting the spirit of Pride of Puri while taking participation and collaboration to the next level through a series of activities which promotes greater involvement of the citizens.

Mr.Singh all along batted for cleanliness of Holy City Puri and towards this Puri Administration proposes to kick start a week-long sanitation immersion programme with the objective of bringing around all the citizens to become part of the “Mo Dham Mo Garba” campaign and also to understand and appreciate the spirit of “Mo Dham Mo Kaam”.
The week long immersion programme under ‘Mo Dham, Mo Garba’ Abhijan in Puri is to be initiated from 1November 2020 and calls for removal of legacy waste, adopting segregation of waste, pledge of purity, clearing and beautification of the garbage vulnerable spots.

Puri, one of the Char Dhams of India, is known for its resilience, heritage and divinity, a large part of which comes from its pristine beaches, culture & spirituality.

Recognized worldwide for Shree Jagannath Temple and secluded beaches, Puri hosts millions of devotees and tourists all through the year leading to complex challenges such as waste management, unorganized vendors disturbing Puri’s ecology.

As a solution, Puri Administration is stepping up in creating a more effective indigenous strategy to ensure a healthy living environment for its citizens and maintain the spirituality of Puri, especially in the wake of COVID-19.
Cooperating with the administration in converting roadblocks into possibilities of a cleaner Puri with better infrastructure, there has begun a new chapter in the city’s chronicle, of a trusted partnership between the administration and the citizens.

Gearing up to Build Back Better, Administration introduced the Mo Beach campaign to clean Puri’s vast coastline on one hand and also marked the institution of decentralized waste management as per State Policy on the other.
The citizens of Puri extended huge support and cooperated with the efforts of Administration. The Mo Beach campaign is one of the biggest beach clean-up campaign that established a launch pad for such collaborative efforts in other sectors as well.

It is now time to extend the same zeal and enthusiasm from the beaches to the town – its lanes, by lanes, houses, community centres, surroundings, etc.

The collaborative effort for Mo Beach and Blue Flag Beach initiatives will now be transformed into something bigger.
The week long immersion programme campaign has already entered its preparatory stage with visioning exercise related meetings that have been conducted with people across key sectors as well as stakeholders.

These meetings by Municipal Authority focuses on making Puri Dham carve out a niche for itself in the international map with a 100% sanitation and cleanliness with direct and emotional involvement of people from all walks of lives.

The plan is to contribute our best in mobilising the masses for their support and involvement in cleaning their offices, households and workplaces. The emphasis will be on the dignity of SafaiKaramcharis and respecting them.From October 22-30, identification and on boarding of key stakeholders, eminent personalities at city level, influential personalities at ward level to give a clarion call for Mo Dham Mo Pride and its contribution towards achievement of the cleanest Dham status is being be carried out.