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Poultry Boosts Tribal Economy

Vedanta Limited, Lanjigarh, India’s premier producer of metallurgical grade alumina, has partnered with the Backyard Poultry Farming Project, an initiative by the Government of Odisha to supplement the livelihood of local communities residing in the company’s peripheral villages.

As commercial activities across the country gear up in the economic revival phase, Vedanta is continuously making efforts to help families residing in and around its operations thrives despite the ongoing pandemic.

Vedanta, under its ‘sustainable livelihood’ community development dimension, has initiated this partnership to positively impact the livelihood of the villagers, providing technical support and material assistance, to double their household income in the days to come. Under the Government run project, nearly 350 beneficiaries, selected by the Odisha Primitive Vulnerable Tribal Groups Empowerment and Livelihood Project (OPELIP) through the implementing agency Janasahajya, had received around 3500 chicks, 350sheds, etc. 

However, lack of technical knowledge and adequate fodder had resulted in high mortality rate of chicks, and many households incurring losses. To address this, Vedanta Lanjigarh joined hands with Janasahajya.  

In association with Village Development Association and Kutia Kandh Development Authority (KKDA), Vedanta is providing high quality fodder to each household for their poultry. To strengthen micro-level implementation of the project, the company is providing technical support and regularly monitoring the poultry’s health status. 

Speaking about the project, Rakesh Mohan, Chief Operating Officer, Vedanta Limited, Lanjigarh unit said, “We have always strived to create and support sustainable livelihood opportunities in the regions where we operate, with a focus on inclusive growth. A significant endeavor in that direction is aiding last mile delivery and proper implementation of various government schemes on ground. Through the state government’s Backyard Poultry Farming Project, rural families in our periphery are able to supplement their household income and we are happy to assist in that endeavor and bring about positive results. Entering the economic revival phase after going through a challenging situation, Vedanta stands committed to supporting livelihood and catalyzing sustainable growth of the communities in its periphery, while contributing to the national vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.” 

Recognizing Vedanta’s efforts, Dhanu Majhi from Kutendeli in Batelima Gram Panchayat,who is among the many beneficiaries of the project, said, “We are grateful to Vedanta for its efforts to augment and support the livelihoods of communities residing in and around Lanjigarh. 

The knowledge and support provided by the company has been crucial in helping us develop thriving poultry farms in our homesteads. We expect positive returns from the program and look forward to continuing this activity for added income.”