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Portal For Job Mapping

New Delhi: Shramik Shakti Manch (SAKSHAM), a dynamic portal for jobs and mapping the skills of Shramiks vis-à-vis requirements of MSMEs and other industries all across the country to facilitate creation of 10 lakh blue collar jobs in the country in Industry sector in general and MSME in particular, has been launched.

The portal the Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) will be a direct connect between Shramiks and MSMEs and no middlemen in between.

The portal with the demand and supply data uses algorithm and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, for geo spatial information on demand and availability of Shramiks, and also provide analysis on skill training programmes of Shramiks.

The pilot portal originally initiated with two districts is now being launched as an All-India portal.

The portal is now live and can be accessed at www.sakshamtifac.org.

The data / information pertaining to the Shramiks and the industries (especially MSME) are being updated automatically through various Whatsapp and other links.

Efforts are on to popularize these links among the Shramiks and MSMEs all across the country through various channels including social media. Discussions with various state Governments, MSME clusters, etc. are also ongoing.

As the industry contribution to the project, Sapio Analytics, Mumbai has agreed to give complimentary license of a business automation and accounting software to the MSMEs towards encouraging them to fill up their data and requirements on the portal on a first come first basis.

The portal is expected help both Shramiks and MSMEs to take advantage of technology in this era of economic revival.

This would empower Sharamiks by projecting their candidature directly to the MSMEs & other employers and would also address aspects related to their skill proficiency levels.

This would also eliminate the dependence of industry on the middlemen or labour contractor for their manpower requirements.

And this will minimise migration of Shramiks – job opportunity in proximate MSMEs.