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Police Force For Dhamra Port ICP

Bhubaneswar: Government of Odisha has created 14 police posts for Immigration Check Post (ICP) at Dhamara Port, Bhadrak.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has given approval for these new posts which include two Inspectors, eight Sub-Inspectors and four Constables.

The State Government has created the new posts to take over the immigration functions after the declaration of Immigration Check Post at Dhamara Port by Government of India.

For last so many years, Dhamra Port authorities were requesting for Immigration Check Post, which has been accorded by Ministry of Home Affairs recently.

Similarly Gopalpur Port authorities were also requesting for similar facility.

While Dhamra Port applied for ICP way back in 6 May 2011, Gopalpur Port authorities applied for 8 February 1996.

A  large  number  of  foreign  ships  having  foreign crew  have  been  coming  to  these  ports.  However,  foreign  crew  cannot  land  at  the  port  even  for  medical  emergencies  as  no  immigration  facility  was available.

Now Dhamra Port receiving such facility will go a long way in helping foreign ship crew members.