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OPWD Code Made Vibrant

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Government has revised its Odisha Public Works Department Code to make it more vibrant, sources said.

Dr Krishan Kumar, Secretary Works has signed an Office Memorandum including another para in the codal provisions for Blacklisting of contractors.

“The blacklisting period per offence shall be limited to 03 (Three) years subject to an overall maximum cumulative period of 10 (Ten) years for multiple offences”.

This shall form a part of the Appendix-XXXIV of OPWD Code, Volume-II, Dr Kumar said.

The State Government after careful consideration has decided to make the provision under Rule-D of Appendix-XXXIV of OPWD Code, Volume-II, he said.

There was nothing mentioned about the timeline for revocation of the blacklisting order in the OPWD Code.

Now, after three years, the black listing order can be revoked reviewing the status of the concerned contracting firm, sources said.  

The State Government has blacklisted many contractors or contracting agencies for violation of the agreement.