Bhubaneswar: Ace Mandarin, Bishnupada Sethi, Chairman Odisha Hydro Power Corporation (OHPC) is happy with the performance of the State’s Premier PSU.

OHPC has achieved a milestone of record high Peak Power Generation to the extent of 1841 MW, recently for meeting the Grid requirement.

This was achieved on 8 September, which is a ‘Red Letter day’ for this Green Energy behemoth, officials say.

This is the highest peak power generation ever achieved by OHPC since its inception on 21 April 1995. 

Catering power demand of the Grid during Peak Hours is a crucial operating requirement of Hydro Power Stations which helps in maintaining Power Stability of the Grid.

On this parameter OHPC is consistently supplying the fluctuating power demand by peaking up its generation through its generating units at variously located power stations in the State.

Needless to say generating units are in readiness for meeting grid requirement.

OHPC also from time to time Renovating, Modernizing & Uprating its old units as and when required for better performance and maintaining higher availability. Recently one unit at CHEP, Chiplima, two units at HHEP, Burla and two units at BHEP, Balimela has been Renovated & Modernized. Capacity of HHEP, Burla has also been uprated by 12.3 MW.

After commercial operation, the Renovated & Modernized units are running successfully with its full capacity and along with other well maintained units, OHPC has been able to achieve the above milestone which is truly an Optimum-Capacity-Utilization.

Top Mandarin Mr.Sethi has congratulated Team OHPC for their robust performance and advised them to maintain the sincere efforts to scale up the production of green power by the Hydro Power Major.

In fact performance of OHPC is registering high growth since Mr.Sethi took charge of the State Hydro Power Major and it is continuing to script success, officials say.