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Odisha Vigilance Tops In Action

Cuttack: With one of the efficient Top Cop Yeshwant Kumar Jethwa as Director General Odisha Vigilance, the Anti Corruption Organization has scripted huge success in detection and registration of Disproportionate Assets Cases.

Known for his tough and determined approach of Mr.Jethwa not to allow corrupted officials to scot-free, Odisha Vigilance added another plume to its fledging cap.

1994 Batch IPS Mr.Jethwa is known for his No-Nonsense Approach has scaled up State Vigilance to ‘Next Level’, senior officials opine.

As per recently published Crime in India-2021 by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Odisha Vigilance is first among all the States in detection and registration of DA (Disproportionate Assets) cases in the country.

Registration of DA cases requires painstaking groundwork in collection of relevant information regarding assets and financial transactions of corrupt public servants and indicates the proactive aggressive approach of an anti-corruption agency in combating corruption

Similarly, with registration of 75 cases on the allegation of criminal misconduct, Odisha Vigilance is 2nd among all the States in the country.

Apart from this, 12 convicted public servants have been dismissed from Government service in 2021 which is 2nd highest in the country.

With 37 cases ending in conviction and 46 accused persons convicted, Odisha Vigilance with a conviction rate of 42.5 Percent is among the top performing States in the country so far as conviction is concerned.

 It may also be mentioned here that in almost all major parameters like registration and disposal of cases and conviction & dismissal of convicted public servants, Odisha Vigilance is among the top performing States in the country.

Mr.Jethwa said “We are committed to improve further in 2022 with strong actions on all front against corrupt public servants”.