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No Tariff Hike For Next Fiscal

Bhubaneswar: The power consumers of Odisha heaved a sigh of relief as the State Electric Regulator on Thursday kept the power tariff unchanged for the next fiscal.

This is a major relief for the people who are already reeling from the twin blows of spiraling inflation and hike of fuel prices.

Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) Secretary Priyabrata Patnaik said the Distribution Power Companies (DISCOM)s would not pass on the increase in power purchase costs to the consumers in the 2022-23 financial year as there was regulatory surplus of Rs.355 crore.

Mr.Patnaik, Secretary  OERC announced a rebate of 3 per cent if the payment was made by the Low Tension (LT) domestic consumers through the digital mode. Earlier, it was at 2 per cent.

The rural LT domestic consumers will get an additional rebate of 10 paise per unit. The LT small industrial supply consumers will avail a rebate of 10 paisa per unit if their monthly operating load factor is more than 60 per cent, OERC Secretary Mr.Patnaik said.

The decision came after the OERC held a hearing last month with all the stakeholders, including the power distribution companies that wanted a hike.

The current rate for 0-50 units is Rs 3, Rs 4.80 for 50-200 units, Rs 5.80 for 200-400 units and Rs 6.20 for more than 400 units, he said.