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No NabaJouban Darshan

Puri: For smooth and timely conduct of all rituals of Lord Jagannath for annual Rath Jatra, the temple administration has decided that there will be no Nabajouban Darshan of Lord Jagannath and His siblings this year.

The Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has also said there will be no Pahandi tickets and entry into Srimandir won’t be allowed on the day as.

The temple administration has decided not to permit Nabajouban Darshan as Rath Jatra, Nabajouban Darshan and Netra Utsav are falling on the same day this year which will lead expectations of a large crowd at Srimandir, said SJTA Chief Administrator Vir Vikram Yadav. 

Nabajouban Darshan and Netra Utsav are usually observed on two separate days preceding Rath Jatra. However, during Rath Jatra, utmost priority will be placed on ensuring the safety and convenience of devotees, informed Yadav. 

This year, only sevayat families will be able to witness Nabajouban Besha of the sibling deities inside the temple as the ritual along with Netra Utsav and Rath Yatra will be performed on the same day (July 7).

Worth mentioning, after spending 14 days in Anasara to recover from illness, the divine deities of Puri’s Jagannath Temple emerge with a youthful appearance known as Nabajoubana.

On July 7, rituals will begin with Mangal Alati at 2 AM and Netra Utsav Bandhapana will be performed at 4 AM. The Daitapati servitors will carry out Chhenapatta Lagi Seva from 7.30 AM to 12 PM.

As per the prepared schedule, Lord Jagannath, Devi Subhadra and Lord Balabhadra would be brought from sanctum sanctorum to their respective chariots in the ‘pahandi bije’ ritual between 1.10 PM and 2.30 PM, when the devotees will finally be able to catch a glimpse of the Lords after Snana Purnima on June 22.

Chhera Pahanra by Puri Gajapati Dibyasingha Deb is scheduled for 4 PM. The devotees will start pulling the chariots at 5 PM. The chariot pulling will be halted at 6 PM and resumed the following day.