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More PACs Soon

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Government has set a target to develop the existing PACS to Multi-Purpose Cooperatives and ensure that all GPs are covered by either a PACS or Primary Dairy Cooperative or Primary Fishery Cooperative.

As of now, 2710 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies (PACS) are functional covering all GPs/ULBs. Son, another 1503 have been registered newly. The Department has taken steps to make the new PACS functional.

This was discussed at the first meeting of the State Cooperative Development Committee (SCDC) held today under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary Pradeep Kumar Jena here at the Lok Seva Bhawan.

Among others, Principal Secretary, Agriculture and Cooperation Arabinda Kumar Padhee and Principal Secretary FARD Department, S K Vashisht, Registrar of Cooperative Societies, UC Majhi, CGM of NABARD, representatives from NCDC, NDDB and FISHFED attended the meeting.

To make the new PACS functional, the Department will reorganise areas of operation of PACS/LAMPCS, make amendment of Bye-laws, affiliation to the concerned DCCB and asset & liability transfer.

The prime target of the Committee is to develop the existing PACS by diversifying their business and converting them to viable Multi-Purpose Cooperative Societies as well as ensuring coverage of each uncovered GP either by a PACS or a Primary Diary or Fishery Cooperative.

The status of adoption of model byelaws, status of largest decentralised grain storage plan, Computerisation of PACS, strengthening of Cooperative Banks, identification of Cooperative Education and training Institutes, onboarding of large Cooperatives in GeM Portal, encouraging membership of primary, central and apex cooperatives in the three new Multi State Cooperative Societies – National Export Cooperative, National Cooperative for Organic farming and National Seeds Cooperative and revival of Cooperative Sugar Mills were some of the important agenda discussed in the meeting.

Revival and strengthening of the existing Cooperatives, operationalizing the newly registered PACS/LAMPCS, devising a workable framework for new Cooperatives in all sectors, identifying relevant business activities for the Cooperatives-based on the field level gap analysis, implementation of Aadhaar enabled Payment System (AePS) in all Cooperative Banks, upgradation of Gopalpur Cooperative Training Institute and computerization of the office of RCS and linking it with the field offices through OSWAS were the also discussed during today’s meeting.

The SCDC also extended all necessary support to the District Cooperative Development Committee (DCDC) in implementation of its action plan as well as ensured to work upon its valuable proposals and suggestions towards strengthening of Cooperatives in the State.

For development of PACS into a multi-purpose cooperatives, the District Cooperative Development Committees will select the potential PACS and suggest to the SCDC. The business activities to be taken up by each PACS will be identified by the DCDC, officials said.

Baisinga LAMPCS of Mayurbhanj selected for pilot project for world’s largest decentralised grain storage plan. Besides, 492 PACS have been selected for establishing Common Service Centers, the officials said.

The State Government has decided to explore the potential of PACS to be a petrol/diesel/LPG/CNG distributor.  

The Department has selected 150 PACS for opening of Jana Aushadhi Kendras under the scheme PM BJK while some PACS will be selected for opening of PM Kisan Samridhi Kendras