Home Industry MeetMonk Delivers Food To COVID Patients

MeetMonk Delivers Food To COVID Patients

Bhubaneswar: MeetMonk has taken up a philanthropic activity in providing Lunch and Dinner packets to families under home isolation due to COVID-19.

MeetMonk is a startup company deals with software products.

However as a responsible Corporate Entity, it has taken up this people centric efforts during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Observing the penury and distress of the Families, when the main working hand suffers from COVID-19 and under home quarantine, the CEO and Founder of the company brought in this noble thought of distributing free Lunch and Dinner Packets to the needy families free of Cost.

The Company is based out at Denver, USA, whose Indian office is at Bhubaneswar.

MeetMonk is committed to undertake these types of activities in future when the society will come under stress and someone has to extend a helping hand.

MeetMonk has already distributed nearly 1000 packets of food and it is ongoing till the situation ease out.

Foods are nutritious, and prepared in a hygienic condition, so that patients will have ‘Feel Good’ experience in Pandemic, pointed out a delivery man of MeetMonk.