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Meeting Time; ‘Any Working Hours’

Bhubaneswar: When a senior Corporate Honcho telephoned his Private Secretary for a meeting with his Boss, the humble officer told there is no need to ask for an advance time or date. He said MEETING Time is fixed- “All Working Days and Any Working Hours”

The Top Brass of the Multinational Giant was taken aback! He said for the first time in any Government Office such an open timing is available for meeting very senior officers.

‘Yes Sir’ said PS to PCCF Nodal of Odisha Government has made it clear that “This is an open office and he is available for anybody for a meeting during the working days and in working hours.

In fact under 5T Charter of the Government of Odisha, providing service in time to people is a major approach and for this to be available to the people for listening People’s Grievances has to be done.

Keeping this in view, PCCF Nodal Odisha, Susant Nanda has kept his Office ‘Open’ for All Public. Shri Nanda is known for his ‘Openness’.

In fact this is helping the people visiting Bhubaneswar to sort out their grievances from far flung areas of the State.

Hearing somebody’s grievance lessens his/her problem to a great extent, said Daitari Barik of Mayurbhanj, who came all the way to meet the Top Brass of State Forest Administration.

This is indeed a great sign of ‘Positive Administration’ and it is needed to be emulated by others as a ‘Best Practice’, said a former PCCF of Odisha.