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Mantra For BJD Youth

Bhubaneswar: BJD Supremo and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today asked his youth wing leaders to remain active in social media and ensure that the pro-people initiatives of his government reached the people at grassroots.

“As you know, social media is a powerful medium these days. I expect you to remain active in social media and ensure that the pro-people initiatives of our Government and Party are communicated successfully,” Shri Patnaik said while addressing the State Executive Committee meeting of Biju Yuva Janata Dal (BYJD).

The transformational journey of Odisha has been making headlines across the country and some of the initiatives of Odisha have also received global recognition. So, all should reach out to the people with absolute conviction, he said. 

“We have always been with the people in their good times, bad times and changing times. Whatever the situation might be, we have always engaged with the people all the time. There has always been a human face in our approach to our endeavours. That is our hallmark. That is our strength. We should always maintain this. Engage with the people with a focus on our development and welfare efforts,” the CM told the youth leaders.

The BJD Chief also said youth have been playing a remarkable role in shaping the destinies of communities, countries and states. Biju Babu always trusted the youth of Odisha to play a major role in redefining the destiny of Odisha. 

Biju Janata Dal, which is inspired by the life and principles of Biju Babu, should always follow his footsteps, in this regard, he said, adding, “You know, when Biju Janata Dal took charge in 2000, where was Odisha, where has it reached now.”

Whether it is food security, disaster management, finance management, poverty alleviation, women empowerment, sports, IT, urban development, Infrastructure development, tourism and industry along with socio-economic indicators, Odisha has seen a giant leap in all these sectors. It is not possible without the contribution of the youth, Naveen said.

Stating that now Odisha has reached a certain level of development, he said, if it has to become a developed state, youth power has to fire on all cylinders. 

“I have absolute trust in all of you that you will keep the state as a priority in all your actions, and work for its development,” he added.