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Khenpo Takes Charge Chandragiri Settlement

Parakhemundi: Khenpo Pema Tenphell has taken charge of Head Administration of the Tibetan Settlement Chandragiri.

Shri Khenpo who served Chairman of Local Tibetan Assembly Chandragiri & One of Main In-Charge of Padma Sambhava Maha Vihara, one of the most popular tourism center of Gajapati.

He took the assignment as the Head of Tibetan settlement Chandragiri, Gajapati.

Shri  Khenpo Graduated as  Doctor in Buddhist Philosophy South India.

He is maintaining excellent relationship with the District Administration Gajapati, State Administration and other stakeholders.

Shri Khenpo known for his suave and humane approach is serving as a major connect with Tibetan and Local community in Gajapati.

He is handling the Administration Affairs in a soothing way and is being appreciated by senior officers of the District Administration of Gajapati.