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Kalikesh Wins Balangir

Balangir: That’s great news for Fire Brand Senior BJD Leader Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo and his supporters!

Shri Singh Deo won Balangir Assembly seat with a decisive margin, which indicates strong support from the constituents.

While Shri Singh Deo polled 85, 265 votes, his rival Samarendra Mishra of INC bagged 71,856 Votes.

This result reflects the preferences of the electorate in the Balangir Assembly Seat

Indeed, winning by a margin of nearly 13,500 votes demonstrates a strong mandate from the voters in the Balangir constituency for Kalikesh, pointed out Ashok Mohanty, Senior Advocate.

It reflects their confidence and trust in Shri Singh Deo’s ability to represent their interests and address their concerns effectively, said he.

This significant margin underscores the support he enjoys from the electorate and highlights the strength of his campaign and leadership.

Team Singh Deo led by BJD Veteran A U Singh Deo, Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo, Manmath Vijay Singh Deo and Arkesh Narayan Singh Deo clinched the win.

The campaigning efforts of Vijayalakshmi Devi and Meghna Singh Deo undoubtedly added charm and appeal to the overall campaign.

Their active involvement likely brought a fresh perspective, energy, and resonance to the campaign, attracting a broader spectrum of voters and enhancing the team’s outreach.

Their contributions, along with the rest of the Singh Deo Team, have played a crucial role in securing this victory.

Their combined efforts and leadership have evidently resonated with the voters, leading to a successful outcome in the election.

This win reflects not only the individual strengths of each member but also their collective vision and dedication to serving the people of their constituency.

The Singh Deo Team employed a strategic approach to expose corruption and  mal approach for development associated with the INC Lawmaker.

 Strategies likely included: Emphasizing a message of change and a break from the previous regime, appealing to voters’ desires for a fresh start.

Highlighting the Team’s commitment to transparency, integrity, and accountability in governance, Engaging with the community at grassroots levels, listening to their grievances, and offering concrete solutions to address their concerns, thereby building trust and rapport with the electorate.

Ensuring unity and coordination within the Team Singh Deo presented a united front against the Former Lawmaker’s Regime, maximizing their collective strength and resources, said Lika Sahu, Chairperson Balangir Municipalty.

Utilizing various communication channels effectively, including social media, rallies, public meetings, and door-to-door campaigns, to disseminate their message and garner support.

By implementing these strategies, the Team Singh Deo ultimately secured the trust and support of the electorate of Balangir, said Bulu Behera, an young BJD Leader, who worked in a determined manner during entire election campaign.