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ICT For Teacher Training Boost

Bhubaneswar: Principal Secretary, School & Mass Education, Satyabrat Sahoo has said, ICT is a scientific, technological and engineering discipline and management technique used in handling information, its application and association with social, economic and cultural matters.

ICT is very important for Pre-Service Teacher Education Program in the 21st Century.

Without proper knowledge of ICT teacher cannot perform in his/her class room and it could not be said to be a complete one and the repository can help access information at one place.

In the dashboard, sector wise indicators are categorized and documents can be uploaded and accessed by the faculties.

Student teachers would be able to provide feedback while login to the dashboard through a username and password (institution wise) to access information and post queries, said Mr.Sahoo.

The Directorate of Teacher Education and SCERT in collaboration with UNICEF, Odisha and technical support from SDRC, has launched the Teacher Education Dashboard for Teacher Education Institutes.

Minister School and Mass Education Samir Ranjan Dash launched the Program, which will monitor progress against the annual academic calendar and improve the quality of teacher training along with reliable data linking with the professional profile of teachers.

It is a unique platform that aggregates information on HR, infrastructure and academic indicators across TEIs. The dashboard developed as a one stop monitoring solution for all TEIsand follows uniformity in implementing the unified academic calendar. The dashboard has opportunity to publish the unified training and academic calendar for all the TEIs. Apart from the above purpose, the dashboard has the common repository that allow the teacher education institutes equipped with network to share own knowledge products with other peer TEIs.

The content management system captures success stories, guidelines, and relevant knowledge products on TEIs. The State and district level factsheet/dashboard generated on key performance indicators like laboratories and other resources, access to toilets and drinking water, enrolment disaggregated through intake capacity, gender, social category etc. There are possible options to tie to other chart type, download the chart as image file for further use as well as tracking the attendance of teacher educators and staff by each institute, aggregated daily and monthly.

Faculties can interact with the Directorate and seek their guidance on the best academic performance. This dashboard also provides opportunities to develop mechanism to capture students’ feedback in the application for further analysis and corrective actions.

While welcoming the guests, Gangadhar Sahoo Director, TE & SCERT highlighted, on the knowledge of ICT that required for pre-service training, because this integrated technological knowledge helps a prospective teacher to know the world of technology in a better way by which it can be applied in future for the betterment of the students.

Chief of Field Office UNICEF, Dr. Monika Nielsen said that the, “The Teacher Education dashboard is a significant medium for equipping faculties and student teachers of the TEIs of the State to navigate a smooth transition from manual based to ICT based information platform.

The quality of professional development of teacher education depends on the extent of ICT integration in teacher education program that supports in policy making by providing evidences through dashboard and system generated reports. UNICEF is committed to support quality learning interventions statewide.”