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HC Says No To ‘My LOrd’

Cuttack: On the beginning of New Year 2022, the Orissa High Court has appealed to advocates to avoid addressing the court with honorifics as ‘My Lord’ or ‘Your Lordship’ and similar words.

The High Court Chief Justice S Muralidhar and Justice RK Pattanayak have made this appeal to the advocates in the scheduled business for the first working day of New Year 2022, on Monday.

“All counsel and parties-in-person are requested to try and avoid addressing the judges of this bench as ‘My Lord’, ‘Your Lordship’, ‘Your Honour’, or with the prefix ‘Hon’able’. Any other form of address, consistent with the decorum of the Court, including ‘Sir’, should suffice”, the court appealed in the business schedule note.The then Chief Justice of India, Justice HL Dattu, in 2014, had made it clear that addressing the judges as ‘Your Lordship’ was not mandatory. “When did we say it is compulsory. You can only call us in a dignified manner,” a bench comprising justices Dattu and S. A. Bobde had said.