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HC Opens Telegram Channel

Cuttack: To ensure ease and convenience for the Advocates and litigant members of the public in accessing Court related information through use of Information and Communication Technology, a supplementary platform for instantaneous information sharing– an official Telegram channel of the High Court of Orissa- has been created.

Through this channel it is aimed to provide Advocates, litigants and members of public at large with real time, instantaneous access to information regarding Hon’ble Court’s events, circulars, notices, press releases, cause-lists etc.

Stakeholders may avail of this facility by joining the Channel.

In order to join the Orissa High Court’s official Telegram channel, it is required to download and install the Telegram Mobile App from Google Play Store/Apple Store and subscribe to the Hon’ble Court’s Telegram Channel at https://t.me/OrissaHighCourt.

Subscribers of Court’s channel can stay updated on the aforementioned categories of information without having to frequently visit the Court’s website or during times when the services of the website are inaccessible for any reason.

Any information relating to the High Court of Orissa published or shared through Telegram channel would automatically alert the subscriber (if so opted for by the subscriber via notification option).

This shall augment the Court’s efforts towards making official information accessible online through the comfort of personal hand held devices almost as soon as such information is published.

With a view to ensure that stakeholders get time to subscribe to the Channel, it has been decided to commence information sharing in the official Telegram Channel with effect from 19 July, 2021 Monday.