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Hardcore Maoist Surrenders

Bhawanipatna: Top Cop, Amitabh Thakur, IGP Operations is happy as a Hardcore CPI Maoist has surrendered to the State Police.

On 1 May Area Committee Secretary of Kalahandi Area Committee, BGN Division of Odisha State Committee of outlawed CPI Maoist Lalsu@ Sendhu@ Laxman Apka has surrendered before Kalahandi Police.

Rajesh Pandit, DIGP SWR Koraput, Saravana Vivek M, Superintendent of Police, Kalahandi and Biplab Sarkar, Commandant CRPF were present in the surrender ceremony.

Lalsu had joined the Banned (CPI) Maoist Organization in the year 2009. After being in Ganglor Dalam of outlawed CPI Maoist in Chhattisgarh for about one year, he came to Niyamagiri LOS of Odisha in 2011.

Since then he is operating as insurgent in Odisha. He was operating in Karlapat in 2014 as Area Committee Member. He was later promoted to ACS (Area Committee Secretary).

He is active member carrying SLR gun and promoting ideology of Maoists. He was involved several violent incidents following exchanges of fire with Kalahandi Police.

He has a reward money of Rs. 5 Lakhs as per the Government of Odisha Surrender and Rehabilitation Policy.

He said that main reasons for leaving the Maoist Organization and surrender before Police are recent appeals made by Government  of Odisha and Odisha Police for active Maoists and Militias to leave the path of violence by surrendering and become party of the mainstream by making use of Surrender and Rehabilitation Policy.

He was disillusioned with the Maoists ideology because of the ill treatment to lower rank cadres, ill treatment of women cadres and most importantly injustices meted out to tribal people.

Lalsu understood Maoists are killing innocent people and were against developmental works of administration like roads, bridges, schools and hospitals.

Lalsu witnessed the human touch of police when he learnt about his former party members Ramdas and Kalam Dei who had surrendered and rehabilitated, got married with the help of Kalahandi police.

He realized the futility of the violence of Maoists and decided to surrender.

Due to better surrender and rehabilitation policy of Odisha many Maoists who are natives of neighboring Chhattisgarh are also surrendering in Odisha in various districts.

 Lalsu also became motivated to shun the path of violence and join the mainstream.

He will be given livelihood training so that he can get gainful employment. Lalsu will be rehabilitated as per the surrender and rehabilitation policy Govt. of Odisha.

He will be provided financial assistance of Rs.5 Lakhs Rehabilitation  Financial assistance of Rs. 5 lakhs, Homestead land, Expense of building house · Marriage allowance, Study allowance- Rs. 3,000 per month and will be provided with vocational training, said a senior Top Cop.