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GST Registers Over41% Growth

Bhubaneswar: Odisha has recorded a OGST collection of Rs. 1174.02 crore during May 2022 against Rs. 827.43 crore during May 2021 with a growth of 41.89%.

This was informed by the office of Commissioner of CT & GST, Sushil Kumar Lohani here on Thursday.

Odisha has also maintained the growth rate of gross GST with a collection of Rs 3955.75 crore during May ‘22 as against Rs 3955.75 crore collected during May’21, registering a growth of 24%.

There is a collection of Rs. 978.25 crore in CGST with growth of 42% and Rs. 1105.51 crore in IGST with growth of 0.99% and Rs.697.97 crore in Cess with growth of 19% during the last month.

Similarly, the total collection of VAT (petrol & liquor) is Rs. 993.11 crore during May ‘22 as against Rs.794.88 crore collected during May ‘21 with growth rate of 25%.

Out of the above, collection from petroleum products is Rs. 803.69 crore during May this year against Rs. 667.60 crore collected during May 21 with a growth of 20.38%. Similarly, the collection from liquor is Rs 189.41 crore during May 2022 against Rs. 127.28 crore collected during May‘21 with growth rate of 48.81%.

There is a growth of 35.52% in Profession Tax with a collection of Rs. 23.31 crore during May ‘22 while the collection from the source during May 2021 was Rs. 17.20 crore. All GST registered taxpayers as well as other Professionals have been advised to pay their annual Profession Tax in the first quarter of 2022-23.

Improved compliance by taxpayers through filing of regular returns, close surveillance and intelligence-based action against the tax evaders as well as growth in mining and manufacturing sectors have contributed significantly in ensuring healthy growth in GST collection in the State, officials said.

Lohani has asked all field officers to ensure at least 90% return filing, return scrutiny of all suspected/big taxpayers as well as prompt demand and recovery in case of detection of irregularities.

He has further advised to devise sector specific strategies for detection of tax evaders and also to focus on Real Estate, minor mineral, trading sector.

 The Commissioner has further instructed the field officers to expedite action against the dealers, suppliers and contractors who have provided goods & services to Government Departments/agencies and received payments including GST dues but have not filed returns or have filed wrong returns and thus misappropriated the GST amount so received from Government agencies. The officials asked to have special focus on collection of interest from the late return filers.

During the current financial year, 7739 new taxpayers have been bought under the GST fold. Further, the total e-waybill generated during May ’22 was 17.26 lakh against 11.69 lakh generated during May ‘21 witnessing a growth of 47.64%.

The Commissioner of CT&GST has also advised the tax officers to adhere to the principles of 5T and attend to the genuine grievances of the taxpayers promptly. He has further appealed to all the taxpayers to file their GST returns correctly and in time to avoid any penal action in future.