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GST Collection Up

Bhubaneswar: State has recorded Gross GST collection (CGST+ IGST+ SGST+ Cess) of Rs 4295.08 crore during November month this year against collection of Rs 4162.26 Cr during November last year with a growth rate of 3.19 per cent.

The progressive Gross GST collection during the Financial Year 2023-24 (till November 23) is Rs 35,188.25 crore with a growth of 9.75 per cent over the corresponding period of Financial Year 2022-23.

The State Government has recorded the highest ever collection of State GST (OGST + IGST settlement) with mop up of Rs 2791.45 crore during November 2023 against a corresponding collection of 1390.36 crore recorded during November 2022 thereby registering a phenomenal growth rate of 100.77 per cent.

The progressive collection of State GST (OGST + IGST Settlement) upto the month of November 23 is Rs 14913.16 crore against a collection of Rs 11719.64 crore upto November this year registering a growth rate of 27.25 percent.

The collection under all Acts monitored by the Commissionerate of CT & GST, Odisha including OGST/ IGST Settlement, VAT, Entry Tax and Profession Tax during last month is Rs 3856.72 crore against a collection of Rs 2308.92 crore during November 2022 with a growth rate of 67.04 per cent.

The progressive collection under all Acts upto Nov 23 is Rs 22510.56 crore with a growth rate of 18.91 per cent over corresponding collection till November 2022.

During November 2023, 20.85 lakh of waybills were generated vis-àvis 18.19 lakh of waybills generated during November 2022 recording a growth of 14.62 per cent reflecting the buoyancy in the economic sector.

Out of the 20.85 lakh e-way bills generated during November 2023, 12.39 lakh were intra-state waybills while 8.46 lakh were inter-state waybills (3.45 lakh of incoming and 5.01 lakh of outgoing waybills).

Further till November end, 2.12 crore of E-invoices have been generated by taxpayers of Odisha with total transaction value of Rs 5,92,999.53 crore.