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Film On Rag To Riches

Bhubaneswar: Rag to Riches Story will sell well in the Film Industry. So allegedly a blackmailer Archana Nag story is likely to hit the celluloid world.

Born from a poor family in once dubbed as ‘Hunger Zone’, Kalahandi district, Archana owns a palatial complex with imported interior decorations, luxury cars, four high-breed dogs and a white horse.

Archana, who was arrested last week on the charge of extortion, was so intriguing that an Ollywood filmmaker has planned to make a movie on her life.

In the police records, however, the lady is a blackmailer who allegedly extorted money from rich and influential people such as politicians, businessmen and film producers with threats of making public photos and videos of their intimate moments.

Archana, who was born in Lanjigarh was brought up in Kesinga, a Trade Center of Kalahnadi.

Her mother was working at Kesinga and later she shifted Capital City in 2015.

Twin City Police sources said that she initially worked for a private security firm and later joined a beauty parlor where she met Jagabandhu Chand of Balasore district and married him in 2018. It is alleged that she ran a sex racket while working in the beauty parlor.

Mr.Chand operated a used car showroom and was in contact with Big Shots and Moneyed Men like Powerful politicians, Estate Builders, Industrialists and others.

His and Archana’s photographs with influential persons including some MLAs have gone viral on social media creating a state-wide hue and cry.

Archana also befriended rich and influential persons and is alleged to have provided them with feminine company. Police claimed that she then took intimate pictures of these powerful persons and later blackmailed them for money.

In a complaint made at Nayapally police station, a film producer alleged that Archana demanded Rs 3 crore from him after showing him his photos with other girls.

She was arrested on 6 October on the basis of another complaint by a girl who accused Archana of using her in this racket.

Ollywood filmmaker Sridhar Martha said he has planned to make a feature film on the life of Archana.

The police have urged the Economic Offence Wing to probe into the financial issues related to the Archana blackmailing case.

“An internal assessment made by the police revealed that the couple has acquired properties worth Rs 30 crore in a span of only four years from 2018 to 2022,” a senior police officer said.

Bhubaneswar DCP Prateek Singh said, so far only two cases have been registered against Archana in this connection.

If other blackmailed victims lodge complaints against her, the police will initiate action, the DCP said.

Archana’s bank statements are being examined by the police.

Politics has also started playing its part in this tale of sex, money and betrayal.