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False Case Against Jagadev; BJP MP

Bhubaneswar: National Spokesperson of BJP and MP Bhubaneswar Aparajita Sarangi alleged the law and order situation in the state has completely deteriorated. Under what circumstances has MLA Prashant Jagddev been sent to jail on a tip-off?

She was talking to Media here on 28 May and said that everyone knows how the police have harassed the poor, helpless and poor driver Banamali over this issue. Four policemen threatened him, alleged she.  

They wanted to be told by Banamali that Prashant Jagdev had broken the EVM. But Banamali mustered courage and told everything in front of the media in this regard. Banamali’s video has been seen by everyone while Aparajita  has made public a footage  of a CCTV.

 In the footage, it has been proved that Shri Jagadev had no role in the EVM breakdown. It is learnt that the EVM was broken by another person. He informed that another audio has been handed over to him .   A BJD worker said that Mr. Jagaddev had no role to play in the breakdown of EVMs.

A senior government official in Khurda district, who did not wish to be named, said all this was allegedly done on the orders of higher ups. It shows what kind of attempts is being made to implicate Shri Jagadev, pointed out Shrimati Sarangi.

Aparajita said that such a conspiracy is being hatched out of  fear of her popularity. He questioned how the state government arrested an MLA without making the CCTV footage public. The Chhendipada MLA attacked people  in broad daylight. “Why are you indulging in such discrimination without taking any action against him?” she asked.

In 2019, the BJD had made several resolutions  in its manifesto, out of which 75 per cent did not work, according to a review. I gave my report card every year while i gave the consolidated report card after 5 years. But why is Naveen Babu not giving the BJD report card?” she asked. According to the 2024 report of the International Labour Organization, Odisha is number one in the country in the problem of unemployment. 42 per cent of the educated youth are unemployed in Odisha. In the survey conducted by the ILO in 22 states, Odisha is at number one in the problem of unemployment.

In poverty, Odisha is at the bottom of 29 states. is in place. It is a question of our self-respect and self-respect. Even though we have it all, the people of Odisha are going to go to other states. Besides, the per capita income in the state is low.  

The Saha Commission on Mining Scam had pointed out corruption of Rs 56,000 crore in the mining sector. During this time, the Commission made several recomendations. But the state government did not take any special action on this, pointed out BJP MP.