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Empowering Disaster Management Capacity

Bhubaneswar: Considering the changing climatic scenario, Odisha Government has  decided to further strengthen the disaster management capacity of the State with latest modern equipment and intensive training to the front line organizations like ODRAF and Fire Service Units.

Pradeep Jena, Development Commissioner and SRC spelt out the planning and discussions in the meeting showed that around Rs. 400 crore would be invested for sharpening the teeth of the  disaster management system, and empowering the front line organs engaged in mitigating  impact of the disasters.

Development Commissioner Mr.Jena asked the departments to submit utilization certificates against the SRC grants already released to them for relief, repair,  restoration,  and distribution of various assistances to the people.

 The proposal for Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA ) was discussed in the meeting. It was decided that a quick PDNA against the last heavy rain and flood would be conducted. After proper assessment of the needs, additional support would be mobilized for long term recovery, reconstruction, recovery and future damage reduction. 

DC & SRC  Mr.Jena appraised that the PDNA would be conducted in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority and National Institute of Disaster Management.   The sectors like hosing and resettlement, protection of civic amenities including the health and educational infra, drinking water, local critical infrastructure needs like roads, bridges etc.  would be the principal themes for PDNA

Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mahapatra chaired the Meet and directed officials of the Department of Housing and Urban Development  to remove the encroachments on drains and keep those properly widened and linked for smooth passage of rain/storm water.  He also directed to enhance the in-house capacity for instant urban flood management. It was decided to have more modern relief and rescue equipment including the support for drinking water supply and water evacuation during the disasters.

Further, Mr.Mahapatra directed to build more flood shelters in flood prone areas. The department was asked to identify the flood prone villages having insufficient flood/cyclone shelters so that people could be housed there during natural calamities. More number of flood shelters would also be helpful in providing emergent relief to the people of the marooned villages. It was also decided to strengthen and heighten the flood embankments in the vulnerable areas like Bari, Dhamnagar, Gop and other river side villages as a permanent measure.