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ECoR Achieves 100 MT Target

 Bhubaneswar: The transportation of mineral and steel products helped East Coast Railway (ECoR) to become the first zonal railway to achieve 100 MT loading target during the financial year 2021-22 in the entire country.

During the period from April to September 10, 2021; the East Coast Railway loaded 100.30 MT of freight as against 77.58 MT carried in the corresponding period of last fiscal.

With this, it has loaded 22.72 MT incremental cargo during the current financial year by registering an increase of 29.3 per cent. This has also surpassed the loading target of 95.09MT fixed by the Railway Board during the period, the ECoR said on Monday.

This could be possible due to outstanding performance of all the three divisions of ECoR, i.e. Khurda Road, Waltair and Sambalpur.

During the period, ECoR has loaded 55.28MT of coal, 3.66MT of raw material for steel plants, 9.62 MT of iron & steel, 14.26MT of iron ore, 0.57MT of Cement, 1.41MT of food grains, 2.43MT of fertilizer, 1.07MT of POL, 1.87MT of freight loaded in Containers and 10.14MT of other cargo.

Major contributors of freight include Talcher, Paradeep, Dhamara, Visakhapatnam, Gangavaram, Keonjhar, KK Line, Steel Plants, Aluminium plants and from other places of ECoR jurisdiction.

During the period, 67.19MT of freight carried from Khurda Road Division, 28.24MT of freight from Waltair Division and 4.83MT of freight carried from Sambalpur Division.

During the first 10 days of September, i.e., from 1 to 10 September, the East Coast Railway has carried 6.01MT of freight as against 5.30MT carried in the same time of 2020 by registering an increase of 13.3 per cent more freight.