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e-Voucher In Government Soon

Bhubaneswar : The State Government is all set to make all financial transactions paperless in a phased manner.

It is planning for end-to-end digital transaction in the government system for which a road map has been chalked out, Officials said on Saturday.

Thanks to 5-T initiative of the State Government, the Department of Finance has decided to roll out end to end digital transaction– e-Voucher–system in a phased manner across the State.

According to sources in the Department of Finance, to facilitate paperless transaction of all kinds of drawal by the Drawing, the Disbursing Officer (DDO) will use digital signature.

Accordingly, all the DDOs will be provided digital signature certificate (DSC) by the authorities, said an official.

With the system in operation, DDOs will submit electronic bills without having to visit to the Treasury physically, said the officer.

The road map for implementation of paperless transaction has been chalked out and pilot project was taken up recently, which was implemented successfully, they said.

The officials said that  the pilot roll out of e-Voucher for all the DDOs of administrative departments were conducted and it was successful, resulting in the decision to go ahead with the new system.

The roll out of the e-Voucher among the heads of the department users and district collectorates will be from February, 2021.

The roll out among the rest of the DDOs will by August, 2021, said the sources.

Accordingly, all the DDOs, Administrative Departments, and Heads of Departments will use the facility by end of March, 2021.

The DDOs of the Field Level Offices will submit digitally signed bills by August 2021, said an official.

While all the DDOs of administrative departments and heads of departments have been provided DSC for utilizing the facility, State Government has also stipulated the dateline for them for utilization of the new system.

An official said they have been directed to utilize the facility by end of March, 2021.

In the meantime, bulk disbursement of funds under various social security schemes are being done directly to large number of beneficiaries’ bank accounts using Integrated Financial Management system (IFMS).

Bulk disbursement is done to ensure disbursement of scholarships, stipends, and other social security benefits.

The implementation plan has been chalked out and timeline has also been stipulated in this regard, the officials added.

Ex-gratia payment and other programs like MAMATA, scholarship disbursement is being taken up in bulk disbursement programme.

Sources said Aadhar-based payment will be enabled through e-Kuber of Reserve Bank of India by end of March, 2021.

Similarly, integration with NPCI for Account Validation will be done by end of January, 2021.

Hence, Aadhar authentication of seeded accounts using NPCI will be done by end of June,2021, said the sources.