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Drive Against Helmet-less Driving

Bhubaneswar:Helmet-less driving is a major cause of accidents and grievous injury across Odisha. To curb it, the State Government has launched a state-wide special drive against riding two-wheelers without wearing helmets on national and state highways.

The State Transport Authorities have issued a total of 3333 challans in the last couple of days, officials said on Tuesday.

As many as 3190 riders were issued challan for riding two-wheelers without wearing helmets on NH/SH by enforcement officers of State Transport Authority (STA). In the town area 462 riders were issued challans for not wearing a helmet. A total of 793 Driving Licenses were confiscated for suspension.

It has been observed that out of the accidents taking place on NH/SH many are related to two-wheeler riders. Due to continuous enforcement activities people are using helmets in the urban areas but are unfortunately avoiding wearing helmets on highways where protection is much more needed, the officials said.

As per accident data, 1308 persons, including riders (868) and pillion riders (440) of motorised two-wheelers, were killed in road accidents in the year 2021. Most of them did not have helmet. While 1280 persons were grievously injured and 747 had minor injuries in motorcycle accidents.

According to the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019, riding without helmet attracts a penalty of Rs 1,000. If a person riding pillion is not wearing a helmet, then the driving licence of the rider will be suspended for three months and a fine of Rs 1,000 will be imposed against him/her.

The ongoing special drive against helmetless riders began on May 15 and will continue till May 21.