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Dora; New FISHCOPFED Chief

New Delhi: Eminent Co-operator T Prasad Rao Dora is the new President of The National Federation of Fishers Cooperatives Limited (FISHCOPFED).

FISHCOPFED is a national level federation of fisheries cooperatives and the apex institution of Indian Fisheries Cooperative Movement.

Shri Dora, President of Odisha State Co-operative Bank (OSCB) and Director of Odisha Fisheries Co-operative Corporation Limited (FISHFED) has been unanimously elected as FISHCOPFED Chief at New Delhi on 2 April.

FISHCOPFED has the motto to promote and develop the fishery cooperative movement in India, to educate, guide and assist fishers in their efforts to build up and expand the fishery cooperative sector and serve as an exponent of cooperative opinion in accordance with cooperative principles.

Shri Dora has all along been active at National Level Co-operative Movement, which has brought in the positive results for the eminent co-operator.

Shri Dora is having long standing experience over two and half decade in Co-operative Sector of India in general and Odisha in particular.

After being elected to the Apex Co-operative of Fishers, he thanked all the Members and Directors of FISHCOPFED.

Shri Dora has been active in FISHCOPFED activities and promoted schemes of the Department of Fisheries of the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying.

FISHCOPFED is also implementing program of Ministry of Cooperation in Government of India, National Cooperative Development Cooperation and National Fisheries Development Board.

Now the Ministry of Co-operation headed by Union Minister Home Affairs and Co-operation, Amit Shah is spearheading Co-operative Movement in a vigorous manner.

Shri Dora has an illustrious career in Co-operative Sector for last 25 years and gained enormous experience in the field.

As Chairman of FISHCOFED, Mr.Dora had implemented the policies and programmers of the Central Government for the benefit of fish farmers and other economically weaker sections through cooperatives and worked for strengthening the Cooperative Movement.

As President of FISHFED, Odisha he organized Cooperative Movement in Fisheries Sector and made it a vibrant one.

He is the first Odia to be the Vice Chairman of the International Fisheries Cooperative Federation.

Global Co-operative Organization in Fisheries Sector has recognized his efforts.

Ace Co-operator, Shri Dora has also authored ‘The Odisha Cooperative Societies Manual’, a handbook of reference for all the stakeholders of the Co-operative Sector.

This book is an encyclopedia of all sorts of Cooperative Acts and Rules.

Shri Dora is also Vice President of Odisha State Bharat Scouts & Guides(OSBCG).

With Shri Dora as Chief of FISHCOPFED, it is expected that the Apex Co-cooperative organization of the country will expand its coverage across the country and Odisha will  be benefitted in a big way said Deputy Managing Director FISHFED, Pravat Kumar Das.