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Development Plan For Chandi Mandir

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik Thursday approved the development plan of the Chandi Mandir in Cuttack at a cost of Rs 80 crore under the 5T charter.

The plan envisages a spiritual atmosphere for the devotees with various facilities and opportunities.

The project will be completed within a year. Project has been prepared by Odisha Bridge & Construction Corporation (OBCC).

The 5T initiative includes integrated development of heritage, monuments and tourist destination schemes.

The Chief Minister wished for the active participation of the people of Cuttack in this direction, noting that the rejuvenation of the Chandi temple will play an important role in the overall development of the city of Cuttack.

A presentation was presented to the Chief Minister by the Department of Works.

The plan, developed by the OBCC, will make the temple complex more attractive. There will be stone walls around the temple, and four gates on each side. OBCC Managing Director J K Das presented details.

In addition, new Jagmohan, Yajna Mandap, Chandipatha Mandap, Mundan Mandap, Hanuman Mandir and new Roshghar will be built in the temple premises.

Khandalite stones will be laid around the temple and CCTV will be installed. The Batamangala temple will also be rebuilt.

Emphasis will be placed on the police control room, cloak room, ‘prasad sevan’ system, safe drinking water, interpretation center, etc. so that devotees can offer prayer to the Goddess in a convenient and orderly manner.

In addition, passenger accommodation is provided. Eighteen shops will be set up for displaced shopkeepers, restrooms and offices in the temple area.

Besides, parking, open spaces and landscaping will also be developed.

The plan will be implemented through the OBCC. The plan calls for the development of the surrounding area and the development of the Cuttack Chandi Temple as a major tourist destination, with a variety of issues related to Varian control, various basic amenities for travelers, and drainage.

The Chandi temple is so close to the road that heavy vehicles’ traffic poses a threat to the safety of commuters. So the road in front of the Chandi temple will be diverted while the temple floor raised to set up a proper drainage system.

The Cuttack Chandi Temple is an old ‘Shaktipeetha’ in the state. Thousands of devotees come here every year to visit their mothers. During the Durga Puja, a large crowd gathers to pay homage to the mother during the sixteenth daily puja.

Recently Chief Minister’s Secretary, VK Pandian discussed the development plan with the local public and servitors. Principal Secretary Works Vir Vikram Yadav is coordinating the entire efforts for improvement of ‘Shaktipeetha’.

Today’s event was attended by senior officials, including the Chief Secretary to Government and officials of the RDC, Cuttack District Administration.

Members of the Temple Trust Board who attended the meeting and representatives of the service praised the plan and thanked the Chief Minister.