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Counter Misinformation;Naveen

Bhubaneswar: BJD Supremo and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today urged his party leaders and workers to counter misinformation campaigns made by the Opposition on social media.

Speaking at the BJD Extended Executive Body meeting here, Shri Patnaik said that the Opposition has no issue to target the Government. The transformation of Odisha is a big shock for them, he said.

“We have to deal with it strongly from the grassroots level. It has to be countered on social media. Along with that, our message of development has to be conveyed in every house. The people of Odisha know that a thousand lies will not make one truth”, the BJD supremo said.

“The people of Odisha have given us the opportunity to serve for so many years. Hence, I am always indebted to the people of Odisha,” he said.

He further said that the party has turned a choice of all including women, students, youths and others.

“Our party believes in women empowerment. We have always given priority to the welfare of women. Therefore, a large number of mothers have joined BJD today. I bow to our women leaders. The Biju Janata Dal is the choice of women. It is the choice of students and youth. Biju Janata Dal is the choice of the people of Odisha, Naveen said.” he added.

Stating that everyone says BJD is the most successful regional party, the BJD chief said, he, however, always say that BJD is the most successful socio-economic movement in the country.

“The prime objective of our party is service. We have been working for the people with a service attitude based on the ideology of Biju Babu,’ he maintained.

Elaborating on the party’s poll preparation, the CM said that service to mankind is the only strategy to win people’s trust.

He said, “History has never seen such a great transformation. You are part of the transformation and you are also witnessing it. Whether it is a matha, temple, school, college, hospital, irrigation facility, bank facilities in villages, LAccMI Yojana, or the welfare of tribal brothers and sisters, the country is witnessing the transformation of Odisha.

Today, Odisha has become the Sports Capital of the country. Huge opportunities in the field of investment, opening of new IT companies, Skill development or empowerment of women, empowerment of farmers in all fields, Odisha has become an example in the country today, the BJD President added.

During the meeting, the organisational election of the BJD was postponed by a year.

The party has decided to spread awareness about schemes launched by the BJD Government and connect to the grassroots from Netaji Jayanti on January 23 to Biju Jayanti on March 5.

The crucial meeting was held before the BJD’s 27th Foundation Day, which will be celebrated across blocks, on December 26.

Veteran BJD Leader and Senior Vice President A U Singh Deo presented vote of thanks and lauded efforts of 5T Chief and Nabin Odisha Chairman V K Pandian.