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Child Labor Increased Post Covid

Bhubaneswar:  The number of child labourers has increased across the globe in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic.  

“After 20 years, we witness rise in the trend of child labour globally and especially post Covid-19, the situation has become grimmer,” said Ranjan Kumar Mohanty, Chairperson, NACGEVAC India.

The reason might be due to loss of employment, death of an earning person in the family and contraction of economy, etc.

Mr.Mohanty has informed this while addressing at a virtual consultation programme.

The National Action and Coordination Group for Ending Violence Against Children (NACG EVAN) INDIA in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the South Asia Coordination Group to End Violence against Children (SACG) jointly organised the virtual consultation titled “India Country Consultation on Elimination of Child Labour by 2025”.

The global meet is taking place in the context of the grim reality that globally child labour has increased from 152 million children in 2016 to 160 million children in 2020.

With just over three years to meet the SDG Target 8.7 deadline, over 2000 delegates across the Globe will participate in the conference and plan to address the challenges with a strong commitment and an action plan to eliminate child labour by 2025.

More than 100 participants joined in the discussion including members organisations of NACG working on the elimination of child labour and children/youth change makers in the country.

National Action and Coordination Group for Ending Violence Against Children (NACG EVAN), India is the civil society forum of South Asia Initiative to End Violence Against Children (SAIVEC), an apex body of South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

The Global Conference on Elimination of Child Labour (VCG) will be held in Durban, South Africa from May 15-20, 2022 with the presence of key global players and the recommendations of toady’s consultation will be shared for discussion.

Thangaperumal Ponpandi [Thangam], Chair, SACG, shared that, this is a very special occasion to prepare the civil societies recommendations for the global conference taking the experiences, challenges and successes into account.

Insaf Nizam, Regional Specialist, South East Asia, ILO shared the objectives of the global conference. The six days long conference will be declared open by the president of South Africa alongside the presidents of Malawi and Zambia. All the six days involve high level panellists and discussions, voices of communities and sharing of experiences etc.

At the consultation programme, P. Victor Raj, Thematic Expert, Child Labour, NACG EVAC India discussed about the child labour issues and challenges in India.

In this context children from different parts of the country joined in and shared their thoughts and recommendations for elimination of child labour.

The children consultation was facilitated by Aditi P. Kaur, Child Thematic Expert, NACG EVAC India & Anuradha Mohanty, Executive Director, PECUC.

Other key speakers included Sanjay Gupta, Vice Chair, NACG; D Roshan Kumar, Vice Chair, NACG and many other experts from different parts of the country.