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Center Moots Mentoring Mission

New Delhi: Union Government has initiated the process for creation of National Mission for Mentoring with a large pool of outstanding senior and superannuated faculties for providing mentoring support to Universities,  Colleges and Schools.

Accordingly ‘Bluebook for Mentoring’ has been designed and National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has requested all concerned stakeholders to provide ‘Feedback’ in this regard.

Santosh Sarangi, Additional Secretary Ministry of Education has said that this initiative will help states in general and particularly Schools, Colleges and Universities.

He said Bluebook on Mentoring has been developed as a set of guidelines towards creation of a document and platform for National Mission for Mentoring.

NCTE has made an effort to design a Mentoring Mission for Teachers and School Leaders.

Mr.Sarangi said Mentoring is a process for informal, formal transmission of knowledge and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career or professional development.

Citing an example Mr.Sarangi said Odisha in a big way has set a trend in mentoring Sports in general and Hockey in particular by promoting Hockey in a big way.

Similarly another example is International Sand Artist, Padmashree Sudarshan Patnaik, who is mentoring a large pool of students in Sand Art.

Such are the Mentoring examples and with the National Mission for Mentoring is being established, it will offer individuals to engage in the process of learning under an experienced professional.

Mr.Sarangi said in order to accomplish this goal a large pool of senior and superannuated faculty members can be selected as potential mentors for mentees.

The selected mentors would be utilized for the specific purpose of mentoring students, teachers and school leaders, said he adding this will provide an opportunity to network with experts, engage in forums to exchange learning, best practices and disseminate findings across various domains.

NMM will offer solution to address the existing gaps in a decentralized manner, said he.

In order to regulate the functioning of NMM at each level of education structure , different stakeholders interact with each other to achieve a common goal towards improving the acquisition and transfer of knowledge, skills and mindset, said Mr.Sarangi.

NMM will help to improve School Education system through enhanced leadership in education. This can be achieved through incorporation of large scale, decentralized technology assisted mentoring structure at different level of education system.

NCTE has invited feedback and requested all the stakeholders are to provide their response by 3 December, 2021.