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Call For Plastic Free Picnics

Bhubaneswar: Chief Secretary Pradeep Kumar Jena has urged all the people of the state to have a picnic or picnic without the use of plastic. In this regard, the State Pollution Control Board and “Youth for Water” social organizations are conducting awareness campaigns across the state. Other eco-loving public, civil society and NGOs have also been carrying out awareness programmes at their respective levels.

This challenge is a unique and commendable step. He extended support to the efforts of the State Pollution Control Board and “Youth for Water” and urged others to join the efforts . Because the challenge of plastic-free picnics, it not only ensures that our environment remains green and healthy, but also helps sustain this trend for our future generations, conveys the message .

In this context, Shri Jena further said that nature provides us with many services from the environment. So it is our responsibility as the protector of Mother Nature to take care of her.

On the occasion of Christmas and New Year, when tourists, youth and the public go to any natural place or tourist place to enjoy the calm and serene view of nature, they have requested to take reusable material as much as possible. He also advised against using single-use plastic items and urged people not to forget to clean picnic spots after use, including plates and cups made of leaves that can be mixed with soil or can be biodegraded.

He also reiterated that waste generated during picnics should be dumped at designated places and the place should be made garbage-free.