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BSKY Remains Active

Bhubaneswar: Secretary Health & Family Welfare, Shalini Pandit has asked the Empanelled Hospitals to continue treatment to card holders as before.

Shrimati Pandit has clarified that BSKY scheme remains active, with approved budgetary support.

Shr urged the hospitals are to continue treatment to beneficiaries as before.

All claims raised by hospitals will be paid by SHAS as before, assured Secretary Health.

Hospitals are to ensure that patients do not face any difficulty or disruption in availing services, urged Shrimati Pandit.

The BSKY card holder patients continue getting treatment in empanelled hospitals, official sources said.

As per avilable data, On 4 June, empanelled hospitals booked treatment packages for more than 5800 patients.

Similarly, on 5 June treatment packages were booked for more than 5389 patients by empanelled hospitals.

The MOUs on BSKY signed with empanelled hospitals remain in force.

BSKY Card holders are advised not to panic and remain in confusion about BSKY .

State Government has directed all empanelled Hospitals to continue the treatment as before.