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BJP Will Form Govt; PM

Bhubaneswar: Slamming the BJD Government over corruption and Ratna Bhandar issues, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today claimed that BJP will form a majority government in Odisha in this election.

Shri Modi addressed two election rallies at Angul and Cuttack today during his two day visit to Odisha. Addressing the Cuttack meeting, the Prime Minister said some media persons are saying that Odisha is going to witness hung Assembly. But all these talks are just rumors because BJP will get full majority in the Assembly poll and for the first time, form government in the State, he said.

“It is certain that BJP’s first CM in Odisha will take oath in Odisha. It is also certain that the BJP government will take oath for the third time in Delhi,” Shri Modi said.

Only one slogan is there in every nook and corner of Odisha to form a double engine government for the first time in the State. The people have imposed faith on the BJD Government for 25 years. Entire Odisha is now introspecting what the people have got in these years, he pointed out.

The PM further said that the farmers are facing hardship, youths are migrating to other states for livelihood, the situation is worse in tribal hinterland, the house to natural resources like mines, forest and water.

Migration is high in these areas. Despite their state being rich in natural resources, why are the people of Odisha forced to reel under extreme poverty?, he asked.  

“I am come from the land of Somnath to offer prayer in the land of Lord Jagannath. However, after seeing poverty in Odisha, I feel hurt. Who has destroyed my Odisha? Who has ruined the dreams of youths? This gives me extreme pain. The BJD government is responsible for it,” Shri Modi stated.

A person, who doesn’t have any knowledge about the soil and culture of Odisha, cannot have such an important State like Odisha. The people of Odisha have given 25 years to BJD. Now the next 25 years are necessary for the development of Odisha, he pointed out.  

The people of Odisha became fed-up with the rampant corruption in the BJD government. The BJD, which has betrayed the people in chit fund scams, has given land mafia, sand mafia, coal mafia, and mining mafia to Odisha, he alleged.

“The BJD MLAs and Ministers are indulging in such practice day and night. In such a system, infrastructure development in the state cannot be taken up. Such a system cannot attract investment and provide employment to youths,” the PM said.

The top BJP leader further said that Union Government has enhanced the Central grant to Odisha on tax devolution by thrice in comparison to the previous government (UPA Government).

Odisha is now generating Rs 50,000 crore mining revenue per year against generation of Rs 5,000 crore per year during the earlier government. Besides, the state has received Rs 26,000 crore from DMF. The Modi government is allocating a higher amount of funds. But, the BJD government is misappropriating the funds, he noted.

“I am sanctioning big highway and railway projects for Odisha. However, the BJD leaders put those projects on hold until they receive their cut from the projects. Further, they award those projects to their close associate contractors. In such a way, they are looting the people from every way. This loot needs to be stopped,” the Prime Minister said.   

Without taking anyone’s name, he alleged that one mafia has grabbed the state and he did not allow others to compete in the State. The Modi Government will break the backbone of the mafia, he added.

The government is under the control of some corrupt persons. A handful of corrupt persons have grabbed the Chief Minister’s office and residence.

Neither the mineral resources nor the cultural heritage of Odisha is safe and secure in the hands of the BJD government. Even the temple of Lord Jagannath is not safe in the hands of this Government.

The key of Ratna Bhandar (Treasury) of Jagannath temple has been missing for the last six years. The coterie group roaming around the Chief Minister is responsible for this.

The entire Odisha wants to know why the BJD has suppressed the judicial commission inquiry report. The role of BJD is under suspicion, he added.     

Stating that it is a serious matter, Shri Modi said, “I want to assure the people of Odisha that this matter will be cleared soon after BJP forms Government in the state. The BJP Government will make the probe report public.”

A son of the soil can only accelerate the pace of development in Odisha. BJP will appoint a son or daughter of the state as the Chief Minister of Odisha, he assured.

The Prime Minister again said that the double engine government will take oath on June 10. The 21st century Odisha needs pace of development and the BJD government cannot do that. The people have already given opportunity to the BJD, now time has arrived to install the BJP government for speedy progress, he assured.