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BJP Telling Lies;CM

Bhubaneswar: Coming down heavily on the BJP for spreading lies about health conditions, BJD President and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today said there is a limit to these lies that the party can spread about his health.

“There is a limit to the amount of lies BJP can tell. As you can see I am in very good health and I have been campaigning all over the state for months,” he told a News Agency while campaigning in Mayurbhanj district.

Notably, BJP President JP Nadda and other party leaders have said that Patnaik should be given rest in the wake of his health and old age.

Senior BJD leader and party’s star campaigner V K Pandian also said such campaign by BJP leaders on the health of Patnaik is very unfortunate.

“I only hope that BJP comes up with innovative ideas instead of talking about something which is non-existent. You are all watching the Chief Minister. It is very unfortunate, below the belt,” Shri Pandian said.

Stating that people of Odisha will not appreciate this kind of demeaning of the Chief Minister who enjoys such popularity, Pandian suggested the BJP should come up with something innovative. Targeting Shri Patnaik by talking about his health is so sub-standard, the top BJD leader added.

Speaking to media persons this morning, Pandian has claimed that BJD will be able to form the government after the third-round elections with the blessings of Lord Jagannath and the people of the state. The fourth-round election will be for improving the margin, he added.

Responding to Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma’s allegations against Naveen Patnaik and BJD government, Pandian said he would not like to comment on his remarks since he is a guest to the State.

State BJP unit and all their constituency leaders are not able to come out of their constituencies because of the strategy of the BJD and Naveen babu, they are all fixed in their own constituencies, he said while commenting on national BJP leaders campaigning in Odisha.

“They are not able to come out. So, somebody has to come out and campaign for them. That is why national leaders are coming…Actually, they are helping BJD in the sense that they are abusing the CM – such a popular CM – they are helping BJD in getting higher vote share. It is very sad that they have to reduce the political discourse to such inappropriate levels, it is not good,” he said.  

“We are a mature democracy…One should know where to draw the line. Just to get votes, you cannot demean great leaders. History will not forgive those people, also people of Odisha will not forgive, on June 4 we will see the results,” Shri Pandian said.