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BJP Duo Attack BJD

Bhubaneswar:  BJP National President J P Nadda and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath today slammed the BJD government while appealing to the voters to install a double engine government of BJP in the State.  

Both leaders have criticized the BJD government for its way of functioning and raised concern over Odia Asmita.

Addressing the Vijay Sanjlap Samabesha at Karanjia and Dhamnagar, Shri Nadda said Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik needs rest and it seems the people of the State have already decided to give Naveen rest and vote BJP to power.

He said Shri Patnaik had already ruled the state for a long period and appealed to the people to give the BJP a chance to govern the State. The BJP President said during its 24-year rule, the BJD has used the poor tribals, and villagers as its vote bank and did little for their development and empowerment.

Under the BJD rule, the tribals, the poor and the villagers have suffered a lot, forcing them to migrate to other states in search of livelihood, Nadda said.

Playing Odia Asmita card, the BJP president alleged that an outsider is now ruling Odisha. The elected representatives in the State are debarred from meeting the Chief Minister while major job contracts are awarded to people outside the State.

The BJP President appealed to the people to vote for the BJP candidates both for the Lok Sabha and state Assembly to form a strong double engine government to take the State on the path of development and send back the outsider.

Similarly,Shri Yogi said if the ‘double engine’ government is formed in Odisha, bulldozers will be used against the mafia.

During the last 20-25 years, the “officer raj” has “pushed Odisha to 50 years back”, he claimed, alleging that the ruling BJD is playing politics with the future of youths in the State.

Addressing an election rally in the Chilika assembly constituency under the Puri Lok Sabha seat, Shri Yogi said, “Give us strength to form a double engine government in Odisha so that we can clear the path by running bulldozers on ‘land, sand, forest and cattle’ mafia in the state, as we did in Uttar Pradesh.”

“The BJD government is surrounded by bureaucracy and when the bureaucracy surrounds any government, it gives birth to dictatorship. Then corruption rises, the poor are exploited and the administration collapses,” he alleged.

He claimed that the BJD’s “misrule” is because “Naveen babu has been surrounded by bureaucracy and he has been misled by bureaucrats”.

 “Power generated from Odisha is being provided at a cheaper price to other states. What kind of misrule is this?” he asked.

Adityanath appealed to voters to help the BJP form a “double-engine” government in Odisha, claiming that his state Uttar Pradesh has become a model for good governance.