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Archita Speaks On Big Bang

Cuttack: The first International Webinar of the Alumni Webinar series was held by the Department of Physics of Shailabala Women’s Autonomous College, Cuttack on Sunday

Principal Prof Dr. Surekha Sundari Swain of Shailabala women’s (A) College presided over the meeting.

Archita Rani Dash, PhD scholar of Institute of Nuclear Physics, Munster University, Germany, an alumni of this College, delivered her presentation on the topic – ‘Probing the Big Bang with the Little Bangs at Large Hadron Collider – World’s most Powerful Particle Accelerateor ‘.
Her presentation focused on the basics of Big Bang Hypothesis, mainly on the origin of all known matter, on fundamental forces, fundamental particles especially on quark gluon plasma the plasmas present in first micro-second of our Universe and on LHC, world’s most Powerful Particle Accelerateor.
Head of the Department, Physics Dr. Biswadas Mohanty gave the guest introduction. Dr Pritipragyan Ray, member IQAC, coordinated the event while Seminar Secretary Tripada Pratik moderated the same. Harapriya ,Tripada and other students helped in organizing the webinar successfully. Dr.Anita Mekap proposed vote of thanks.
In a face book post, Archita wrote: “I am getting older faster or is the time flying by really fast in my phase-space?… 6 years ago, I never thought that I would be invited as the First Guest Speaker for the International Alumni Webinar series by the institute from where I did my Bachelors in Physics. I did my Bachelors in Physics. And today, here I am addressing the young ignited minds of the Bachelor students at the very same institute, talking and discussing all about the Big Bang and Quark Gluon Plasmma. ALICE and CERN!!! (I had no clue about all these while I was in my Bachelors) Now that it does really feel like having achieved something in life: all thanks to my personal favorite Physics professor Biswadas Mohanty sir for starting this wonderful initiative and for having me at the first place”.