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All Time High GST

Cuttack: The State has recorded a Gross GST collection of Rs. 5035.74 Crore during April 2023 which also is the highest Gross GST collection of all time.

Further, the collection to be retained by the State consisting of OGST and IGST settlement has recorded a growth of 40.43% during April ’23 with collection of Rs. 2359.17 Crore as against collection of Rs. 1680.00 Crore during April 2022.

This growth is primarily on account of buoyancy in the services sector as well as growth in the trading sector.

The total collection from goods which are not subsumed under GST i.e. petroleum products and liquor for human consumption stands at Rs. 264.42 Crore during April, 2023 as against Rs.232.92 Crore during April 2022 with a growth rate of 13.52%.

The collection under all Acts monitored by the Commissionerate of CT & GST, Odisha including GST/ VAT/ Entry Tax / Profession Tax is Rs. 2661.92 Crore during the month of April ‘23 as against collection of Rs. 1947.21 Crore during April ‘22 with a growth rate of 36.70%.

During April 2023, 20.23 Lakh of waybills have been generated vis-à-vis 17.57 Lakh of waybills generated during April 2022 recording a growth of 15.12% and reflecting the buoyancy in the economic sector.