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Aadhaar Useful For KALIA

New Delhi: SaurabhGarg, CEO, UIDAI, has said that Odisha Government is utilizing Aadhaar Platform for KALIA Program and other State Governments are also utilizing it.

Krushak Assistance For Livelihood & Income augmentation (KALIA) is a Flagship Program of the Odisha Government for benefitting the farmers and Dr.Garg was Principal Secretary Agriculture, when this people’s oriented program was launched in Odisha.

Dr.Garg spoke about Aadhaar’s success over the last decade and the numerous opportunities made possible by using Aadhaar as a fundamental identity in sectors such as DBT, Education, scholarships, fintech, healthcare, etc.

He also discussed the various untapped sectors and gaps that can be exploited by using Digital Identity to reach the last mile of users and achieve universal inclusion, both social and financial,

He further shared that going forward the focus of UIDAI will be on following five major areas including Resident centricity and Ease of Access, Enhancing Aadhaar usage, Strengthening the credibility of Aadhaar, Upgradation of the Aadhaar technology stack and International outreach of Aadhaar architecture

The event showcased the functioning of the Aadhaar Ecosystem and good practices followed by State Government Ministries utilizing the Aadhaar Platform, for different schemes like, KALIA, ePOCRA, ARPANA, FDS, DBT Schemes, etc.

Dr.Garg in closing address reiterated about UIDAI’s commitment to work closely with Researchers, academic institutions, industry and start-ups to improve Aadhaar services offering by upgrading and adopting niche technology available in terms of hardware, software and application stack.

He welcomed various suggestions and initiatives proposed by speakers and invitees on the future of Aadhaar based platform which shall be valuable for States in times to come.

Aadhaar has forever changed the digital landscape of the country by building the Aadhaar based authentication and verification infrastructure. There are many Aadhaar innovations steered by State/UT government schemes using Aadhaar Platform which have shown the potential of being a game changer in achieving financial and social inclusion at grass root level.

In current times, Digital identity based systems play a pivotal role in the social and economic growth of any society. Aadhaar has proven to be one of India’s most important innovations. Aadhaar has given identity to a vast number of people who previously had none. It has bridged the digital divide by enabling e-KYC services, providing banking at the doorstep and through mobile phones, and facilitating cash transfer directly into the bank accounts of the needy and deserving recipients of the government’s numerous welfare initiatives.