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75 Judgements@One Day

Cuttack: On the eve of completion of 75th year of glorious journey of Orissa High Court in the field of dispensation of Justice, when the Grand Finale, after a yearlong marvellous celebration is going to be held tomorrow (26 July, 2023) being graced by Her Excellency Shrimati Draupadi Murmu; a very significant event in the direction of delivery of justice has taken place yesterday (24 July, 2023) which is undoubtedly a salutary step in the field.

 A Division Bench comprising of Hon’ble Justice Debabrata Dash and Dr. Justice Sanjeev Ku. Panigrahi on a single day went on a marathon delivery of judgements in Seventy Five (75) numbers of Criminal Appeals pending for last seven years or so which had been filed challenging the verdicts of the Sessions Courts across the State in murder cases under section-302 of the IPC.

All these Appeals had been heard from 21 June, 2023 onwards. When the Indian Judiciary has been devising new methods, forging new tools and innovating new strategies for taking justice to common man; this is one of the noblest addition to the cheering step taken by the Orissa High Court. Out of seventy five Appeals; many having been allowed, convicts therein have been set at liberty.

This praiseworthy action of delivery of such Seventy Five (75) judgments a day before the celebration of 75 years of journey of this Great Institution is a fitting tribute to the grave concern raised by Her Excellency, the President in Her address on the Constitution day at New Delhi on the issue of long pendency of Criminal Appeals to the great sufferance of large number of persons lodged in jails, whose Trials and Appeals are not disposed of within a reasonable time although promised under the Constitution and resultantly, so many innocent persons are languishing in jails and for the delay, the prime periods of their lives getting lost beyond restoration.

This remarkable achievement has not only added another feather on the cap of this great institution with glorious tradition but also has given true colour and flavour on the Celebration day of completion of its 75th year. This event undoubtedly gets noted as an important one amongst so many observed during the year and would certainly be one that would stand tall for the days to come.