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5T Mantra For Young OAS

Bhubaneswar: Pradeep Kumar Jena, Chief Secretary has emphasized on the State Government’s continuous efforts in ensuring good governance through effective human resource management.

Addressing the OAS Probationers currently  undergoing induction training in the Gopabandhu Academy of Administration here on 29 April, Chief Secretary Shri Jena reiterated the Government’s priority to ensure a citizen centric governance through strict adherence to ‘5T’ model.

Shri Jena asked the OAS Probationers to provide citizen centric governance and be accessible to people. The field officers should conduct extensive tours to understand the problems of common citizens.

He focused on the 5T vision of Chief Minister for innovative and transformative governance.

While addressing the Probationers, he said the new generation of young administrative officers being highly educated and tech-savvy, have higher potentiality to deliver Governments’ services to its citizens at the last mile.

He advised the probationers to be well behaved, disciplined, articulate and amicable. He opined that officers must have appreciation for law and its right interpretation for the larger interest of the public. 

Solution of a local problem comes from innovative strategies emerged from the locality. He said, “Senior officers do not have the patent rights over innovation. It comes from and by the people.” Hence, he advised young officers to actively listen to people and not to ignore or side-line their opinions, versions and visions.

He shared his experience on how senior IAS officers used to interact with field functionaries to study innovative strategies for effective and efficient Public Distribution System in Kalahandi district. He narrated the State’s achievements in effective disaster management over the years. 

He also informed the officers that the current government is more progressive and vigilant about the functioning of its officers. Officers are not only observed through a robust mechanism of administrative surveillance, but their activities are also scanned and scrutinized by the people, in general. The Right to Information and Odisha Right to Public Service Act, etc., are making the public more aware and office bearers much accountable. 

R K Sharma, DG, GAA thanked the Chief Secretary, as the head of the Civil Services of the State, for having addressed the OAS probationers and to have inspired and guided them.  

Shri Sharma outlined the changes brought by the Academy in the induction training such as structured field visits, mentor-ship program and management module with Xavier Institute of Management, intensive yoga sessions, interaction with prominent achievers from different walks of life.

He reiterated the commitment of the Academy to provide honest, competent, sensitive, compassionate and team-oriented officers for the civil services of Odisha.